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Mohamed Ali E A
Mohamed Ali E A
Associate Professor of Electronics and Communication, Nellai college of engineering
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A survey of the relevance of control systems for PEM fuel cells
EAM Ali, A Abudhahir
2011 International Conference on Computer, Communication and Electrical …, 2011
Firefly algorithm tuned PI controller for pressure regulation in PEM fuel cells
EA Ali, A Abudhahir, AM Boopathi
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 15 (3), 845-853, 2018
BFOA based tuning of PID controller for a load frequency control in four area power system
MP Mohamed, EAM Ali, IB Kumar
International Journal of Communications and Engineering 3 (3), 45-52, 2012
Sliding Mode Controller for Pressure Regulation in PEM Fuel Cell
M Ali, A Abudhahir, A ManivannaBoopathi
Journal of Communications Technology, Electronics and Computer Science 15, 5-15, 2017
An advanced approach in direct active Fuzzy PI controller for pressure regulation in PEM fuel cells
EAM Ali, AAA Abudhahir, AM Boopathi
Journal of Electrical Engineering 18 (4), 9-9, 2018
Safety improvement of nuclear power reactor using soft computing techniques
MHSM Muzzammil, EAM Ali
2013 International Conference on Energy Efficient Technologies for …, 2013
Direct Active Fuzzy Non-Linear Controller for Pressure Regulation in PEM Fuel Cell
AEA Mohamed, BA Manivanna, A Abudhahir, S Velappan
2019 8th International Conference on Modeling Simulation and Applied …, 2019
Implementation of Wallace Tree Multiplier Using 8: 4 Compressor
S Murugan, K, Mohammad Malik Mubeen,S, Mohamed Ali, EA, &Anula Beauty
Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT) 12 (11 …, 2021
Forecasting the Generation and Consumption of Electricity and Water in Kingdom of Bahrain using Grey Models
M Boopathi A, MA EA, S Velappan
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems 10, 1-8, 2021
Pressure Regulation in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell using Direct Active Fuzzy Non-Linear Controller
MA EA, M Boopathi A, S Velappan
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems 9 (1), 2020
Enhancement of PEM Fuel Cell Performance with Direct Active Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller
EM Ali, AM Boopathi, A Abudhahir, S Velappan
2020 Advances in Science and Engineering Technology International …, 2020
Design and Analysis of an Optimized Slot-loaded Rectangular Patch Antenna for Dual Band Operations
R Mohamed Ali, EA, Thanga Pandi, S & Sararthkumar
AICTE sponsored International Virtual Conference on Antennal Innovations, 5G …, 2020
Fetal ECG Extraction and Classification using AI
EAMANB M.Subbulakshmi
5th National Conference at GU Pope College of Engineering, 2020
Detection of Critical Cardiac Abnormalities based on ECG data using Wavelet and Fuzzy Techniques
MNI E.A.Mohamed Ali
National Conference on recent trends in Engineering and Technology (NCRTET’2020), 2020
An Efficient Approach for Image Retrievel using Particle Swarm Optimization
EAMAKP M.Subbulakshmi
8th national conference on Recent Trends in Electrical, Electronics …, 2019
A Review of automatic Microneurysm detection from fundus images
EAMAKP M.Subbulakshmi
International conference on technical innovations in electrical, Electronics …, 2019
A Recent Automated Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy based on Feature Extraction and Classification of Image
MSKP E.A.Mohamed Ali
International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Communication …, 2019
Automated Toilet Cleaning Machine by Embedded System
KP E.A.Mohamed Ali
National Conference on Comminication, Information and Control Systems …, 2019
An Efficient Fusion Method on Multifocus Images
National Conference on Communication Information and Control System (NCCICS), 2017
Analysis of Performance Metrics of Controllers for Pitch Controlled Variable Speed Wind Turbine
ADVANCES in NATURAL and APPLIED SCIENCES 10 (4), 209-214, 2016
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