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Elizabeth A Bartlett
Elizabeth A Bartlett
Assistant Professor; New York State Psychiatric Institute; Columbia University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Pretreatment and early-treatment cortical thickness is associated with SSRI treatment response in major depressive disorder
EA Bartlett, C DeLorenzo, P Sharma, J Yang, M Zhang, E Petkova, ...
Neuropsychopharmacology 43 (11), 2221-2230, 2018
Discovery and replication of cerebral blood flow differences in major depressive disorder
CM Cooper, CR Chin Fatt, P Liu, BD Grannemann, T Carmody, ...
Molecular psychiatry 25 (7), 1500-1510, 2020
Quantification of positron emission tomography data using simultaneous estimation of the input function: validation with venous blood and replication of clinical studies
EA Bartlett, M Ananth, S Rossano, M Zhang, J Yang, S Lin, N Nabulsi, ...
Molecular imaging and biology 21, 926-934, 2019
Depression severity over 27 months in adolescent girls is predicted by stress-linked cortical morphology
EA Bartlett, DN Klein, K Li, C DeLorenzo, R Kotov, G Perlman
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Cortical thickness is not associated with current depression in a clinical treatment study
G Perlman, E Bartlett, C DeLorenzo, M Weissman, P McGrath, T Ogden, ...
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Neuroinflammation in World Trade Center responders at midlife: A pilot study using [18F]-FEPPA PET imaging
Y Deri, SAP Clouston, C DeLorenzo, JD Gardus III, EA Bartlett, ...
Brain, Behavior, & Immunity-Health 16, 100287, 2021
Measuring brain glucose metabolism in order to predict response to antidepressant or placebo: A randomized clinical trial
KR Hill, JD Gardus, EA Bartlett, G Perlman, RV Parsey, C DeLorenzo
NeuroImage: Clinical 32, 102858, 2021
Examining the underpinnings of loudness dependence of auditory evoked potentials with positron emission tomography
RLI Pillai, EA Bartlett, MR Ananth, C Zhu, J Yang, G Hajcak, RV Parsey, ...
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Structural correlates of the orbitofrontal cortex and amygdala and personality in female adolescents
L Delaparte, E Bartlett, R Grazioplene, G Perlman, J Gardus, ...
Psychophysiology 56 (8), e13376, 2019
Diffusion Entropy: a potential neuroimaging biomarker of bipolar disorder in the temporal pole
K Spuhler, E Bartlett, J Ding, C DeLorenzo, R Parsey, C Huang
Synapse 72 (2), e22015, 2018
Brain 5-HT1A Receptor PET Binding, Cortisol Responses to Stress, and the Familial Transmission of Suicidal Behavior
NM Melhem, Y Zhong, JM Miller, F Zanderigo, RT Ogden, ME Sublette, ...
International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology 25 (1), 36-45, 2022
Prediction of lithium treatment response in bipolar depression using 5-HTT and 5-HT1A PET
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European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 47, 2417-2428, 2020
Brief Computer‐Based Information Processing Measures are Linked to White Matter Integrity in Pediatric‐Onset Multiple Sclerosis
E Bartlett, M Shaw, C Schwarz, C Feinberg, C DeLorenzo, LB Krupp, ...
Journal of Neuroimaging 29 (1), 140-150, 2019
Examination of structural brain changes in recent suicidal behavior
DJ Kim, EA Bartlett, C DeLorenzo, RV Parsey, C Kilts, R Cáceda
Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 307, 111216, 2021
Noise contamination from PET blood sampling pump: Effects on structural MRI image quality in simultaneous PET/MR studies
E Bartlett, C DeLorenzo, R Parsey, C Huang
Medical physics 45 (2), 678-686, 2018
Ventral prefrontal serotonin 1A receptor binding: a neural marker of vulnerability for mood disorder and suicidal behavior?
SP Pantazatos, NM Melhem, DA Brent, F Zanderigo, EA Bartlett, ...
Molecular psychiatry 27 (10), 4136-4143, 2022
Serotonin transporter binding in major depressive disorder: impact of serotonin system anatomy
EA Bartlett, F Zanderigo, D Shieh, J Miller, P Hurley, H Rubin-Falcone, ...
Molecular psychiatry 27 (8), 3417-3424, 2022
In vivo serotonin transporter and 1A receptor binding potential and ecological momentary assessment (EMA) of stress in major depression and suicidal behavior
EA Bartlett, F Zanderigo, B Stanley, TH Choo, HC Galfalvy, SP Pantazatos, ...
European Neuropsychopharmacology 70, 1-13, 2023
In vivo serotonin 1A receptor hippocampal binding potential in depression and reported childhood adversity
EA Bartlett, AA Yttredahl, M Boldrini, AE Tyrer, KR Hill, MR Ananth, ...
European Psychiatry 66 (1), e17, 2023
Source‐to‐Target Automatic Rotating Estimation (STARE)–A publicly‐available, blood‐free quantification approach for PET tracers with irreversible kinetics: Theoretical …
EA Bartlett, RT Ogden, JJ Mann, F Zanderigo
NeuroImage 249, 118901, 2022
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