Jerry M. Melillo
Jerry M. Melillo
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Human domination of Earth's ecosystems
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Nitrogen and lignin control of hardwood leaf litter decomposition dynamics
JM Melillo, JD Aber, JF Muratore
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Nitrogen saturation in northern forest ecosystems.
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Global climate change and terrestrial net primary production
JM Melillo, AD McGuire, DW Kicklighter, B Moore, CJ Vorosmarty, ...
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Global climate change impacts in the United States
TR Karl, JM Melillo, TC Peterson, SJ Hassol
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The carbon cycle and atmospheric carbon dioxide
IC Prentice, GD Farquhar, MJR Fasham, ML Goulden, M Heimann, ...
Climate change 2001: the scientific basis, Intergovernmental panel on …, 2001
Climate change impacts in the United States
JM Melillo, TT Richmond, G Yohe
Third national climate assessment 52, 2014
Recent patterns and mechanisms of carbon exchange by terrestrial ecosystems
DS Schimel, JI House, KA Hibbard, P Bousquet, P Ciais, P Peylin, ...
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Soil warming and carbon-cycle feedbacks to the climate system
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Changes in the Carbon Content of Terrestrial Biota and Soils between 1860 and 1980: A Net Release of CO" 2 to the Atmosphere
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Terrestrial ecosystems
JD Aber
Aboveground production and N and P cycling along a nitrogen mineralization gradient on Blackhawk Island, Wisconsin
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Reconciling carbon-cycle concepts, terminology, and methods
FS Chapin, GM Woodwell, JT Randerson, EB Rastetter, GM Lovett, ...
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A comparative analysis of potential nitrification and nitrate mobility in forest ecosystems
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Carbon balance of the terrestrial biosphere in the Twentieth Century: Analyses of CO2, climate and land use effects with four process‐based ecosystem models
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Global Warming and Terrestrial Ecosystems: A Conceptual Framework for Analysis: Ecosystem responses to global warming will be complex and varied. Ecosystem warming experiments …
GR Shaver, J Canadell, FS Chapin, J Gurevitch, J Harte, G Henry, ...
Bioscience 50 (10), 871-882, 2000
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