Tolga Omay
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Testing for unit root in nonlinear heterogeneous panels
N Ucar, T Omay
Economics Letters 104 (1), 5-8, 2009
Re-examining the threshold effects in the inflation–growth nexus with cross-sectionally dependent non-linear panel: Evidence from six industrialized economies
T Omay, EÖ Kan
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The endogenous and non‐linear relationship between terrorism and economic performance: Turkish evidence
B Araz‐Takay, KP Arin, T Omay
Defence and Peace Economics 20 (1), 1-10, 2009
Reexamining the PPP hypothesis: A nonlinear asymmetric heterogeneous panel unit root test
F Emirmahmutoglu, T Omay
Economic Modelling 40, 184-190, 2014
Fractional frequency flexible Fourier form to approximate smooth breaks in unit root testing
T Omay
Economics letters 134, 123-126, 2015
Energy consumption and economic growth: evidence from nonlinear panel cointegration and causality tests
T Omay, M Hasanov, N Ucar
Прикладная эконометрика, 2014
The relationship between inflation, output growth, and their uncertainties: Evidence from selected CEE countries
M Hasanov, T Omay
Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 47 (sup3), 5-20, 2011
Are the transition stock markets efficient? Evidence from non-linear unit root tests
M Hasanov, T Omay
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M Hasanov, T Omay
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M Hasanov, T Omay
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 387 (16-17), 4309-4318, 2008
The effects of inflation uncertainty on interest rates: a nonlinear approach
T Omay, M Hasanov
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On fractional filtering versus conventional filtering in economics
RR Nigmatullin, T Omay, D Baleanu
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Behavior of foreign investors in the Malaysian stock market in times of crisis: A nonlinear approach
T Omay, P Iren
Journal of Asian Economics 60, 85-100, 2019
An empirical examination of the generalized Fisher effect using cross-sectional correlation robust tests for panel cointegration
T Omay, A Yuksel, A Yuksel
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 35, 18-29, 2015
Inflation–growth nexus: evidence from a pooled CCE multiple-regime panel smooth transition model
T Omay, R Van Eyden, R Gupta
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R Demirer, T Omay, A Yuksel, A Yuksel
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Sharp and smooth breaks in unit root testing of renewable energy consumption
M Shahbaz, T Omay, D Roubaud
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Structural break, nonlinearity and asymmetry: a re-examination of PPP proposition
T Omay, F Emirmahmutoglu, M Hasanov
Applied Economics 50 (12), 1289-1308, 2018
The effects of terrorist activities on foreign direct investment: nonlinear evidence from Turkey
T Omay, B Araz-Takay, A Eruygur, İ Kilic
Review of Economics 64 (2), 139-158, 2013
Nonlinearity and Smooth Breaks in Unit Root Testing
T Omay, D Yıldırım
Econometrics Letters 1 (1), 2-9, 2014
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