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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Music training for the development of auditory skills
N Kraus, B Chandrasekaran
Nature reviews neuroscience 11 (8), 599-605, 2010
The scalp‐recorded brainstem response to speech: Neural origins and plasticity
B Chandrasekaran, N Kraus
Psychophysiology 47 (2), 236-246, 2010
Context-dependent encoding in the human auditory brainstem relates to hearing speech in noise: implications for developmental dyslexia
B Chandrasekaran, J Hornickel, E Skoe, T Nicol, N Kraus
Neuron 64 (3), 311-319, 2009
Neural timing is linked to speech perception in noise
S Anderson, E Skoe, B Chandrasekaran, N Kraus
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Relative influence of musical and linguistic experience on early cortical processing of pitch contours
B Chandrasekaran, A Krishnan, JT Gandour
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Individual variability in cue-weighting and lexical tone learning
B Chandrasekaran, PD Sampath, PCM Wong
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 128 (1), 456-465, 2010
Mismatch negativity to pitch contours is influenced by language experience
B Chandrasekaran, A Krishnan, JT Gandour
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White matter anisotropy in the ventral language pathway predicts sound-to-word learning success
FCK Wong, B Chandrasekaran, K Garibaldi, PCM Wong
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Human inferior colliculus activity relates to individual differences in spoken language learning
B Chandrasekaran, N Kraus, PCM Wong
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S Anderson, E Skoe, B Chandrasekaran, S Zecker, N Kraus
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Neuroplasticity in the processing of pitch dimensions: A multidimensional scaling analysis of the mismatch negativity
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Auditory brainstem measures predict reading and speech-in-noise perception in school-aged children
J Hornickel, B Chandrasekaran, S Zecker, N Kraus
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Dual-learning systems during speech category learning
B Chandrasekaran, HG Yi, WT Maddox
Psychonomic bulletin & review 21 (2), 488-495, 2014
Changes to respiratory mechanisms during speech as a result of different cues to increase loudness
JE Huber, B Chandrasekaran, JJ Wolstencroft
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Music, noise-exclusion, and learning
B Chandrasekaran, N Kraus
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Experience-dependent neural plasticity is sensitive to shape of pitch contours
B Chandrasekaran, A Krishnan, JT Gandour
Neuroreport 18 (18), 1963, 2007
Effects of speech clarity on recognition memory for spoken sentences
KJ Van Engen, B Chandrasekaran, R Smiljanic
Public Library of Science 7 (9), e43753, 2012
Enhancing speech intelligibility: Interactions among context, modality, speech style, and masker
KJ Van Engen, JEB Phelps, R Smiljanic, B Chandrasekaran
Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 57 (5), 1908-1918, 2014
An integrative model of subcortical auditory plasticity
B Chandrasekaran, E Skoe, N Kraus
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Dual systems of speech category learning across the lifespan.
WT Maddox, B Chandrasekaran, K Smayda, HG Yi
Psychology and aging 28 (4), 1042, 2013
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