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J. Vijaya Sundar
J. Vijaya Sundar
Post Doctoral Associate at UIUC
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Group 4 complexes of salicylbenzoxazole ligands as effective catalysts for the ring-opening polymerization of lactides, epoxides and copolymerization of ε-caprolactone with L …
S Pappuru, D Chakraborty, JV Sundar, SK Roymuhury, V Ramkumar, ...
Polymer 102, 231-247, 2016
A new class of MPV type reduction in group 4 alkoxide complexes of salicylaldiminato ligands: Efficient catalysts for the ROP of lactides, epoxides and polymerization of ethylene
D Chakraborty, D Mandal, V Ramkumar, V Subramanian, JV Sundar
Polymer 56, 157-170, 2015
Improving the hydrogen storage capacity of metal organic framework by chemical functionalization
RM Kumar, JV Sundar, V Subramanian
International journal of hydrogen energy 37 (21), 16070-16077, 2012
Interaction of collagen like peptides with gold nanosurfaces: a molecular dynamics investigation
R Gopalakrishnan, ERA Singam, JV Sundar, V Subramanian
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (7), 5172-5186, 2015
Novel chemistry for the selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol by graphene oxide and N-doped graphene
J Vijaya Sundar, V Subramanian
Organic letters 15 (23), 5920-5923, 2013
Generalized reaction mechanism for the selective aerobic oxidation of aryl and alkyl alcohols over nitrogen-doped graphene
VS Jeyaraj, M Kamaraj, V Subramanian
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (47), 26438-26450, 2015
Enhancement of internal motions of lysozyme through interaction with gold nanoclusters and its optical imaging
SK Mudedla, ERA Singam, J Vijay Sundar, MN Pedersen, NA Murugan, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (1), 653-664, 2015
Effect of ionic size on the structure of spherical double layers: a Monte Carlo simulation and density functional theory study
B Modak, CN Patra, SK Ghosh, J Vijayasundar
Molecular Physics 109 (5), 639-644, 2011
Spectral, computational, electrochemical and antibacterial studies of iron (III)–salen complexes
P Karuppasamy, D Thiruppathi, J Vijaya Sundar, V Rajapandian, ...
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 40 (10), 2945-2958, 2015
Excited state C–N bond dissociation and cyclization of tri-aryl amine-based OLED materials: a theoretical investigation
V Subramanian, B Rajakumar
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (1), 438-447, 2019
Dioxin sensing properties of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride based van der Waals solids: a first-principles study
M Kamaraj, JV Sundar, V Subramanian
RSC advances 6 (108), 107114-107126, 2016
Mechanistic Studies on the pH-Controllable Hydrogenation of NAD+ by H2 and Generation of H2 from NADH by a Water-Soluble Biomimetic Iridium Complex
J Vijaya Sundar, V Subramanian
Organometallics 31 (24), 8525-8536, 2012
Insight into structural aspects and study of reaction kinetics of model [oxo (salen) iron (IV)] complexes with dipeptides
P Karuppasamy, D Thiruppathi, JV Sundar, M Ganesan, T Rajendran, ...
Polyhedron 196, 114952, 2021
Probing the effect of different graphitic nitrogen sites on the aerobic oxidation of thiols to disulfides: a DFT study
JV Sundar, M Kamaraj, V Subramanian
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (3), 2057-2065, 2018
Dissociative nature of C (sp 2)–N (sp 3) bonds of carbazole based materials via conical intersection: simple method to predict the exciton stability of host materials for blue …
JV Sundar, B Rajakumar
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (15), 7995-8005, 2020
Unraveling the reaction mechanism, enantio and diastereoselectivities of selenium ylide promoted epoxidation
M Jaccob, G Sabapathi, JV Sundar, P Kolandaivel, V Subramanian, ...
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