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Xiaohui Lin
Xiaohui Lin
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Polymer-based Hybrid Integrated Photonic Devices for Silicon On-chip Modulation and Board-level Optical Interconnects
X Zhang, A Hosseini, X Lin, H Subbaraman, RT Chen
Nano-bio-electronic, Photonic and MEMS Packaging
CP Wong, KS Moon, YG Li
Springer, 2010
Low-cost board-to-board optical interconnects using molded polymer waveguide with 45 degree mirrors and inkjet-printed micro-lenses as proximity vertical coupler
X Lin, A Hosseini, X Dou, H Subbaraman, RT Chen
Opt. Express 21 (1), 60-69, 2013
Polymeric waveguides with embedded micro-mirrors formed by Metallic Hard Mold
X Dou, X Wang, H Huang, X Lin, D Ding, DZ Pan, RT Chen
Opt. Express 18 (1), 378-385, 2010
Ultraviolet imprinting and aligned ink-jet printing for multilayer patterning of electro-optic polymer modulators
X Lin, T Ling, H Subbaraman, X Zhang, K Byun, LJ Guo, RT Chen
Optics Letters 38 (10), 1597-1599, 2013
Printable thermo-optic polymer switches utilizing imprinting and ink-jet printing
X Lin, T Ling, H Subbaraman, LJ Guo, RT Chen
Optics express 21 (2), 2110-2117, 2013
Highly flexible polymeric optical waveguide for out-of-plane optical interconnects
X Dou, X Wang, X Lin, D Ding, DZ Pan, RT Chen
Opt. Express 18 (15), 16227-16233, 2010
UV surface exposure for low temperature hydrophilic silicon direct bonding
X Lin, G Liao, Z Tang, T Shi
Microsystem Technologies 15 (2), 317-321, 2009
Metrology and instrumentation challenges with high-rate, roll-to-roll manufacturing of flexible electronic systems
H Subbaraman, X Lin, X Xu, A Dodabalapur, LJ Guo, RT Chen
SPIE NanoScience+ Engineering, 846603-846603-8, 2012
基于 GPRS 的嵌入式智能家居终端的设计与实现
王艺, 刘方, 林晓辉
微计算机信息, 23-25, 2007
Photolithography-free polymer optical waveguide arrays for optical backplane bus
X Dou, AX Wang, X Lin, RT Chen
Opt. Express 19 (15), 14403-14410, 2011
A 3µm channel, ink-jet printed CNT-TFT for phased array antenna applications
K Byun, H Subbaraman, X Lin, X Xu, RT Chen
Wireless and Microwave Circuits and Systems (WMCS), 2013 Texas Symposium on, 1-3, 2013
Effect of surface characteristic on room-temperature silicon direct bonding
G Liao, T Shi, X Lin, Z Ma
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 158 (2), 335-341, 2010
Optical bus waveguide metallic hard mold fabrication with opposite 45 micro-mirrors
X Dou, AX Wang, X Lin, H Huang, RT Chen
OPTO, 76070P-76070P-6, 2010
Nickel electroplating for nanostructure mold fabrication
X Lin, X Dou, X Wang, RT Chen
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 11 (8), 7006-7010, 2011
Surface roughness modeling for silicon direct bonding
G Liao, X Lin, L Nie, T Shi
Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, IEEE Transactions on 1 …, 2011
Polymer optical waveguide-based bi-directional optical bus architecture for high-speed optical backplane
X Lin, X Dou, AX Wang, RT Chen
SPIE OPTO, 826709-826709-8, 2012
Printable EO Polymer Modulators
H Subbaraman, X Lin, T Ling, X Zhang, LJ Guo, RT Chen
CLEO: Science and Innovations, 2013
Polymeric waveguide array with 45 degree slopes fabricated by bottom side tilted exposure
X Lin, X Dou, AX Wang, RT Chen
SPIE OPTO, 794411-794411-6, 2011
林晓辉, 廖广兰, 史铁林, 聂磊
传感技术学报 5, 88-9, 2006
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