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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Exercise is the real polypill
C Fiuza-Luces, N Garatachea, NA Berger, A Lucia
Physiology, 2013
Ventilatory efficiency during exercise in healthy subjects
XG Sun, JE Hansen, N Garatachea, TW Storer, K Wasserman
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Physical and physiological characteristics of judo athletes: An update
G Torres-Luque, R Hernández-García, R Escobar-Molina, N Garatachea, ...
Sports 4 (1), 20, 2016
Actigraph GT3X: validation and determination of physical activity intensity cut points
A Santos-Lozano, F Santin-Medeiros, G Cardon, G Torres-Luque, ...
Actigraph GT3X: validation and determination of physical activity intensity cut points
A Santos-Lozano, F Santin-Medeiros, G Cardon, G Torres-Luque, ...
No association between ACTN3 R577X polymorphism and elite judo athletic status
G Rodríguez-Romo, T Yvert, A de Diego, C Santiago, ALD de Durana, ...
International journal of sports physiology and performance 8 (5), 579-581, 2013
Whole‐body vibration training increases muscle strength and mass in older women: a randomized‐controlled trial
A Machado, D García‐López, J González‐Gallego, N Garatachea
Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports 20 (2), 200-207, 2010
Tipos de investigación en el ámbito de la actividad física y la salud
AO Zafra
Ediciones Díaz de Santos, 2013
Anaerobic energy provision does not limit Wingate exercise performance in endurance-trained cyclists
JAL Calbet, JA De Paz, N Garatachea, S Cabeza de Vaca, J Chavarren
Journal of Applied Physiology 94 (2), 668-676, 2003
Exercise attenuates the major hallmarks of aging
N Garatachea, H Pareja-Galeano, F Sanchis-Gomar, A Santos-Lozano, ...
Rejuvenation research 18 (1), 57-89, 2015
Feelings of well being in elderly people: relationship to physical activity and physical function
N Garatachea, O Molinero, R Martinez-Garcia, R Jimenez-Jimenez, ...
Archives of gerontology and geriatrics 48 (3), 306-312, 2009
Technical variability of the GT3X accelerometer
A Santos-Lozano, PJ Marín, G Torres-Luque, JR Ruiz, A Lucía, ...
Medical engineering & physics 34 (6), 787-790, 2012
Elite athletes live longer than the general population: a meta-analysis
N Garatachea, A Santos-Lozano, F Sanchis-Gomar, C Fiuza-Luces, ...
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Physical activity and energy expenditure measurements using accelerometers in older adults
N Garatachea, GT Luque, JG Gallego
Nutrición hospitalaria 25 (2), 224-230, 2010
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis of treatment effect
M Miguel-Álvarez, A Santos-Lozano, F Sanchis-Gomar, C Fiuza-Luces, ...
Drugs & aging 32 (2), 139-147, 2015
Exercise during pregnancy. A narrative review asking: what do we know?
R Barakat, M Perales, N Garatachea, JR Ruiz, A Lucia
British journal of sports medicine 49 (21), 1377-1381, 2015
Healthspan and lifespan extension by fecal microbiota transplantation into progeroid mice
C Bárcena, R Valdés-Mas, P Mayoral, C Garabaya, S Durand, ...
Nature medicine 25 (8), 1234-1242, 2019
Genes and the ageing muscle: a review on genetic association studies
N Garatachea, A Lucía
Age 35 (1), 207-233, 2013
Physical activity and Alzheimer disease: a protective association
A Santos-Lozano, H Pareja-Galeano, F Sanchis-Gomar, ...
Mayo Clinic Proceedings 91 (8), 999-1020, 2016
Sulforaphane treatment protects skeletal muscle against damage induced by exhaustive exercise in rats
M Malaguti, C Angeloni, N Garatachea, M Baldini, E Leoncini, PS Collado, ...
Journal of Applied Physiology 107 (4), 1028-1036, 2009
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