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Bulent Yazici
Bulent Yazici
Department of Nuclear Medicine, Ege University Medical Faculty
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
False-positive I-131 accumulation in a hepatic hydatid cyst
Ö Ömür, SS Özbek, B Yazici, N Mutlukoca, Z Özcan
Clinical nuclear medicine 32 (12), 930-932, 2007
Comparison of renal transplant scintigraphy with renal resistance index for prediction of early graft dysfunction and evaluation of acute tubular necrosis and acute rejection
B Yazici, A Yazici, A Oral, A Akgün, H Toz
Clinical Nuclear Medicine 38 (12), 931-935, 2013
Multiple primary tumors in differentiated thyroid carcinoma and relationship to thyroid cancer outcome
O Oemuer, Z Oezcan, B Yazici, A AKGÜN, A Oral, H Oezkilic
Endocrine journal 55 (2), 365-372, 2008
Evaluation of renal transplant scintigraphy and resistance index performed within 2 days after transplantation in predicting long-term graft function
B Yazici, A Oral, C Gokalp, A Akgün, H Toz, SS Ozbek, A Yazici
Clinical Nuclear Medicine 40 (7), 548-552, 2015
A New Quantitative Index for Baseline Renal Transplant Scintigraphy With 99mTc-DTPA in Evaluation of Delayed Graft Function and Prediction of 1-Year Graft Function.
B Yazici, A Oral, C Gokalp, A Akgün, H Toz, C Hoscoskun
Clinical nuclear medicine 41 (3), 182-8, 2016
18F-FDG and 18F-NaF PET/CT findings of a multiple myeloma patient with thyroid cartilage involvement
A Oral, B Yazici, Ö Ömür, M Comert, G Saydam
Clinical Nuclear Medicine 40 (11), 873-876, 2015
Concomitant hyperthyroidism in patients with thyroid carcinoma and the effects of iodine supplementation in an iodine-deficient area
Ö Ömür, B Yazici, A Akgün, Z Özcan, M Akyldz, M Argon, H Özklç
Clinical nuclear medicine 33 (11), 769-772, 2008
Unexpected false-positive I-131 uptake in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma
A Oral, B Yazıcı, C Eraslan, Z Burak
Molecular Imaging and Radionuclide Therapy 27 (3), 99, 2018
False-Positive 131I Uptake in a Benign Bone Lesion on Post-therapy Scan.
B Yazici, A Oral, C Eraslan, M Argin, Ö Ömür
Clinical Nuclear Medicine 41 (1), e63-5, 2016
A clear cell variant of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma with lung, bone, and soft tissue metastases
B Yazici, Y Ertan, A Oral, A Akgün
Clinical Nuclear Medicine 40 (11), 885-887, 2015
Radioiodine uptake in an ovarian mature teratoma detected with SPECT/CT.
B Yazici, A Oral, O Omur, A Yazici
Clinical Nuclear Medicine 40 (2), e157-60, 2015
Volumetric PET parameters can predict overall survival in advanced lung adenocarcinoma
A Yanarateş, B Yazici
Revista Española de Medicina Nuclear e Imagen Molecular (English Edition) 39 …, 2020
Contribution of SPECT/CT to Evaluate Urinary Leakage Suspicion in Renal Transplant Patients.
B Yazici, A Oral, A Akgün
Clinical nuclear medicine 43 (10), e378-80, 2018
Practical Method for Calculation of Graft Index in Renal Transplant Scintigraphy: A Technical Note.
B Yazici
Clinical nuclear medicine 44 (1), 32-37, 2019
Thermoluminescence kinetic parameters of TLD-600 and TLD-700 after 252Cf Neutron+ Gamma and 90Sr-90Y beta radiations
S İflazoğlu, VE Kafadar, B Yazici, AN Yazici
Chinese Physics Letters 34 (1), 017801, 2017
Early predictive value of baseline renal transplant scintigraphy in pediatric patients.
B Yazici, IK Bulut, A Oral, TO Sezer, S Taner, A Akgün
Nuclear medicine communications 39 (10), 901-907, 2018
Scintigraphic and Sonographic Findings of Subcapsular Cortical Necrosis in a Transplanted Kidney.
B Yazici, E Gunay, A Akgün, S Sen, SS Ozbek
Clinical nuclear medicine 43 (7), 542-545, 2018
Risk factors for persistent disease in papillary thyroid carcinoma with lymph node metastasis
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Nuclear Medicine Communications 37 (7), 721-726, 2016
Renal transplant sintigrafisinde mesane konfigürasyonunun önemi: iki olgu
A Akgün, B Yazici, S Onay
Turk J Nucl Med 14, 123-125, 2005
PET Parameters are Useful in Predicting Endometrial Cancer Risk Classes and Prognosis
A Budak, E Beyan, AH Inan, AG Kanmaz, OS Aldemir, A Oral, B Yazici, ...
Nuklearmedizin 60 (01), 16-24, 2021
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