Thomas J Rotter
Thomas J Rotter
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Carrier Dynamics of Quantum-Dot, Quantum-Dash, and Quantum-Well Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers Operating at 1.55
AJ Zilkie, J Meier, M Mojahedi, PJ Poole, P Barrios, D Poitras, TJ Rotter, ...
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 43 (11), 982-991, 2007
wavelength InAs quantum dashes grown on a GaAs substrate using a metamorphic buffer layer
G Balakrishnan, S Huang, TJ Rotter, A Stintz, LR Dawson, KJ Malloy, ...
Applied physics letters 84 (12), 2058-2060, 2004
Emission of terahertz radiation from coupled plasmon-phonon modes in InAs
MP Hasselbeck, D Stalnaker, LA Schlie, TJ Rotter, A Stintz, ...
Physical Review B 65 (23), 233203, 2002
Orientation dependence of the optical properties in InAs quantum-dash lasers on InP
AA Ukhanov, RH Wang, TJ Rotter, A Stintz, LF Lester, PG Eliseev, ...
Applied physics letters 81 (6), 981-983, 2002
Effect of dislocation density on thermal boundary conductance across GaSb/GaAs interfaces
PE Hopkins, JC Duda, SP Clark, CP Hains, TJ Rotter, LM Phinney, ...
Applied Physics Letters 98 (16), 161913, 2011
Optical gain and absorption of quantum dots measured using an alternative segmented contact method
YC Xin, Y Li, A Martinez, TJ Rotter, H Su, L Zhang, AL Gray, S Luong, ...
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 42 (7), 725-732, 2006
Mid-infrared InAs/GaSb strained layer superlattice detectors with nBn design grown on a GaAs substrate
E Plis, JB Rodriguez, G Balakrishnan, YD Sharma, HS Kim, T Rotter, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 25 (8), 085010, 2010
Structural analysis of highly relaxed GaSb grown on GaAs substrates with periodic interfacial array of 90 misfit dislocations
A Jallipalli, G Balakrishnan, SH Huang, TJ Rotter, K Nunna, BL Liang, ...
Nanoscale research letters 4 (12), 1458-1462, 2009
Time-Resolved Linewidth Enhancement Factors in Quantum Dot and Higher-Dimensional Semiconductor Amplifiers Operating at 1.55
AJ Zilkie, J Meier, M Mojahedi, AS Helmy, PJ Poole, P Barrios, D Poitras, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 26 (11), 1498-1509, 2008
Fabrication of Self-Aligned Enhancement-Mode MOSFETs With Gate Stack
D Shahrjerdi, T Rotter, G Balakrishnan, D Huffaker, E Tutuc, SK Banerjee
IEEE electron device letters 29 (6), 557-560, 2008
Point defects in-irradiated n-GaN
VV Emtsev, VY Davydov, VV Kozlovskii, VV Lundin, DS Poloskin, ...
Semiconductor science and technology 15 (1), 73, 2000
Formation of quantum wires and quantum dots on buffer layers grown on InP substrates
A Stintz, TJ Rotter, KJ Malloy
Journal of crystal growth 255 (3-4), 266-272, 2003
Systematic study of different transitions in high operating temperature quantum dots in a well photodetectors
AV Barve, T Rotter, Y Sharma, SJ Lee, SK Noh, S Krishna
Applied Physics Letters 97 (6), 061105, 2010
Gallium free type II InAs/InAsxSb1-x superlattice photodetectors
T Schuler-Sandy, S Myers, B Klein, N Gautam, P Ahirwar, ZB Tian, ...
Applied Physics Letters 101 (7), 071111, 2012
Three color infrared detector using InAs/GaSb superlattices with unipolar barriers
N Gautam, M Naydenkov, S Myers, AV Barve, E Plis, T Rotter, LR Dawson, ...
Applied Physics Letters 98 (12), 121106, 2011
Carrier lifetime studies in midwave infrared type-II InAs/GaSb strained layer superlattice
B Klein, N Gautam, E Plis, T Schuler-Sandy, TJ Rotter, S Krishna, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2014
Temperature dependent carrier dynamics in telecommunication band InAs quantum dots and dashes grown on InP substrates
NA Jahan, C Hermannstädter, JH Huh, H Sasakura, TJ Rotter, P Ahirwar, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (3), 033506, 2013
InP based quantum dash lasers with 2/spl mu/m wavelength
TJ Rotter, A Stintz, KJ Malloy
IEE Proceedings-Optoelectronics 150 (4), 318-321, 2003
Confinement enhancing barriers for high performance quantum dots-in-a-well infrared detectors
AV Barve, S Sengupta, JO Kim, YD Sharma, S Adhikary, TJ Rotter, SJ Lee, ...
Applied Physics Letters 99 (19), 191110, 2011
Multi-watt 1.25 μm quantum dot VECSEL
AR Albrecht, TJ Rotter, CP Hains, A Stintz, JV Moloney, KJ Malloy, ...
Electronics letters 46 (12), 856-857, 2010
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