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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Single and bilayer bismuthene: Stability at high temperature and mechanical and electronic properties
E Aktürk, OÜ Aktürk, S Ciraci
Physical Review B 94 (1), 014115, 2016
Single-layer crystalline phases of antimony: Antimonenes
OÜ Aktürk, VO Özçelik, S Ciraci
Physical review B 91 (23), 235446, 2015
Two-dimensional pnictogens: A review of recent progresses and future research directions
F Ersan, D Keçik, VO Özçelik, Y Kadioglu, OÜ Aktürk, E Durgun, E Aktürk, ...
Applied Physics Reviews 6 (2), 2019
Prediction of a two-dimensional crystalline structure of nitrogen atoms
VO Özcelik, OÜ Aktürk, E Durgun, S Ciraci
Physical Review B 92 (12), 125420, 2015
Effects of adatoms and physisorbed molecules on the physical properties of antimonene
O Üzengi Aktürk, E Aktürk, S Ciraci
Physical Review B 93 (3), 035450, 2016
clusters adsorbed on graphene studied by first-principles calculations
O Üzengi Aktürk, M Tomak
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 80 (8), 085417, 2009
Electronic and magnetic properties of monolayer α-RuCl 3: a first-principles and Monte Carlo study
S Sarikurt, Y Kadioglu, F Ersan, E Vatansever, OÜ Aktürk, Y Yüksel, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (2), 997-1004, 2018
Modification of electronic structure, magnetic structure, and topological phase of bismuthene by point defects
Y Kadioglu, SB Kilic, S Demirci, OÜ Aktürk, E Aktürk, S Ciraci
Physical Review B 96 (24), 245424, 2017
Exploring the electronic and magnetic properties of new metal halides from bulk to two-dimensional monolayer: RuX3 (X= Br, I)
F Ersan, E Vatansever, S Sarikurt, Y Yüksel, Y Kadioglu, HD Ozaydin, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 476, 111-119, 2019
Chemical and substitutional doping, and anti-site and vacancy formation in monolayer AlN and GaN
Y Kadioglu, F Ersan, D Kecik, OÜ Aktürk, E Aktürk, S Ciraci
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (23), 16077-16091, 2018
Bismuth doping of graphene
OÜ Aktürk, M Tomak
Applied Physics Letters 96 (8), 2010
A new single-layer structure of MBene family: Ti2B
I Ozdemir, Y Kadioglu, OÜ Aktürk, Y Yuksel, Ü Akıncı, E Aktürk
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 31 (50), 505401, 2019
Strain effects on electronic and magnetic properties of the monolayer α-RuCl3: A first-principles and Monte Carlo study
E Vatansever, S Sarikurt, F Ersan, Y Kadioglu, O Üzengi Aktürk, Y Yüksel, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 125 (8), 2019
Adsorption of alkali and alkaline-earth metal atoms on stanene: A first-principles study
Y Kadioglu, F Ersan, G Gökoğlu, OÜ Aktürk, E Aktürk
Materials Chemistry and Physics 180, 326-331, 2016
Ferromagnetic TM 2 BC (TM= Cr, Mn) monolayers for spintronic devices with high Curie temperature
YZ Abdullahi, ZD Vatansever, F Ersan, U Akinci, OU Akturk, E Akturk
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23 (10), 6107-6115, 2021
Metal–Insulator transition and heterostructure formation by glycines self-assembled on defect-patterned graphene
F Ersan, O Üzengi Aktürk, E Akturk, S Ciraci
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (26), 14598-14605, 2018
A tetragonal phase Mn 2 B 2 sheet: a stable room temperature ferromagnet with sizable magnetic anisotropy
YZ Abdullahi, ZD Vatansever, E Aktürk, Ü Akıncı, OÜ Aktürk
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (19), 10893-10899, 2020
Diffusion quantum Monte Carlo and density functional calculations of the structural stability of bilayer arsenene
Y Kadioglu, JA Santana, HD Özaydin, F Ersan, OÜ Aktürk, E Aktürk, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 148 (21), 2018
Ü.; Özçelik, VO; Ciraci, S
O Aktürk
Phys. Rev. B: Condens. Matter Mater. Phys 91 (23), 235446, 2015
Molecular adsorption properties of CO and H2O on Au-, Cu-, and AuxCuy-doped MoS2 monolayer
Y Kadioglu, G Gökoğlu, OÜ Aktürk
Applied Surface Science 425, 246-253, 2017
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