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Murat Kurudirek
Murat Kurudirek
Professor of Physics, Technical Sciences Vocational College, Ataturk University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Phy-X/PSD: development of a user friendly online software for calculation of parameters relevant to radiation shielding and dosimetry
E Şakar, ÖF Özpolat, B Alım, MI Sayyed, M Kurudirek
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 166, 108496, 2020
Heavy metal borate glasses: potential use for radiation shielding
M Kurudirek
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 727, 1227-1236, 2017
The heavy metal oxide glasses within the WO3-MoO3-TeO2 system to investigate the shielding properties of radiation applications
AE Ersundu, M Büyükyıldız, MÇ Ersundu, E Şakar, M Kurudirek
Progress in Nuclear Energy 104, 280-287, 2018
Effect of Bi2O3 on gamma ray shielding and structural properties of borosilicate glasses recycled from high pressure sodium lamp glass
M Kurudirek, N Chutithanapanon, R Laopaiboon, C Yenchai, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 745, 355-364, 2018
Effective atomic numbers and electron densities of some human tissues and dosimetric materials for mean energies of various radiation sources relevant to radiotherapy and …
M Kurudirek
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 102, 139-146, 2014
Radiation shielding properties of bismuth borate glasses doped with different concentrations of cadmium oxides
YS Alajerami, D Drabold, MHA Mhareb, KLA Cimatu, G Chen, ...
Ceramics International, 2020
Study of environment friendly bismuth incorporated lithium borate glass system for structural, gamma-ray and fast neutron shielding properties
P Kaur, KJ Singh, M Kurudirek, S Thakur
Spectrochimica acta part A: molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy 223, 117309, 2019
Leaded brass alloys for gamma-ray shielding applications
E Şakar, M Büyükyıldız, B Alım, BC Şakar, M Kurudirek
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 159, 64-69, 2019
Evaluation of root canal dentin after Nd: YAG laser irradiation and treatment with five different irrigation solutions: a preliminary study
T Gurbuz, Y Ozdemir, N Kara, C Zehir, M Kurudirek
Journal of Endodontics 34 (3), 318-321, 2008
Physical, mechanical and gamma-ray shielding properties of highly transparent ZnO-MoO3-TeO2 glasses
MÇ Ersundu, AE Ersundu, N Gedikoğlu, E Şakar, M Büyükyıldız, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 524, 119648, 2019
Comparison of some lead and non-lead based glass systems, standard shielding concretes and commercial window glasses in terms of shielding parameters in the energy region of 1 …
M Kurudirek, Y Özdemir, Ö Şimşek, R Durak
Journal of nuclear materials 407 (2), 110-115, 2010
Calculation of radiation attenuation coefficients in Portland cements mixed with silica fume, blast furnace slag and natural zeolite
İ Türkmen, Y Özdemir, M Kurudirek, F Demir, Ö Simsek, R Demirboğa
Annals of Nuclear Energy 35 (10), 1937-1943, 2008
Investigation of Gamma Radiation Shielding Properties of Some Zinc Tellurite Glasses.
S Issa, M Sayyed, M Kurudirek
Journal of Physical Science 27 (3), 2016
Study of gamma radiation shielding properties of glasses
SAM Issa, MI Sayyed, M Kurudirek
Bulletin of Materials Science 40, 841-857, 2017
Phy-X/ZeXTRa: a software for robust calculation of effective atomic numbers for photon, electron, proton, alpha particle, and carbon ion interactions
ÖF Özpolat, B Alım, E Şakar, M Büyükyıldız, M Kurudirek
Radiation and Environmental Biophysics 59 (2), 321-329, 2020
Effective atomic number study of various alloys for total photon interaction in the energy region of 1 keV–100 GeV
M Kurudirek, M Büyükyıldız, Y Özdemir
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2010
Calculation of effective atomic number and electron density of essential biomolecules for electron, proton, alpha particle and multi-energetic photon interactions
M Kurudirek, T Onaran
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 112, 125-138, 2015
Investigation of human teeth with respect to the photon interaction, energy absorption and buildup factor
M Kurudirek, S Topcuoglu
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2011
Chemical composition, effective atomic number and electron density study of trommel sieve waste (TSW), Portland cement, lime, pointing and their admixtures with TSW in …
M Kurudirek, M Aygun, SZ Erzeneoğlu
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 68 (6), 1006-1011, 2010
Radiation shielding and effective atomic number studies in different types of shielding concretes, lead base and non-lead base glass systems for total electron interaction: A …
M Kurudirek
Nuclear Engineering and Design 280, 440-448, 2014
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