Prof.Dr.Kubilay Aydin
Prof.Dr.Kubilay Aydin
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Increased gray matter density in the parietal cortex of mathematicians: a voxel-based morphometry study
K Aydin, A Ucar, KK Oguz, OO Okur, A Agayev, Z Unal, S Yilmaz, C Ozturk
American Journal of Neuroradiology 28 (10), 1859-1864, 2007
Cranial MR findings in chronic toluene abuse by inhalation
K Aydin, S Sencer, T Demir, K Ogel, A Tunaci, O Minareci
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Treatment of ruptured blood blister-like aneurysms with flow diverter SILK stents
K Aydin, A Arat, S Sencer, B Hakyemez, M Barburoglu, A Sencer, N İzgi
Journal of neurointerventional surgery 7 (3), 202-209, 2015
Localization of cerebrospinal fluid leaks by gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance cisternography: a 5-year single-center experience
K Aydin, E Terzibasioglu, S Sencer, A Sencer, Y Suoglu, A Karasu, T Kiris, ...
Neurosurgery 62 (3), 584-589, 2008
Single-voxel proton MR spectroscopy in toluene abuse
K Aydin, S Sencer, K Ogel, H Genchellac, T Demir, O Minareci
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Quantitative proton MR spectroscopic findings of cortical reorganization in the auditory cortex of musicians
K Aydin, K Ciftci, E Terzibasioglu, M Ozkan, A Demirtas, S Sencer, ...
American journal of neuroradiology 26 (1), 128-136, 2005
MRI cisternography with gadolinium-containing contrast medium: its role, advantages and limitations in the investigation of rhinorrhoea
K Aydin, K Guven, S Sencer, JR Jinkins, O Minareci
Neuroradiology 46 (1), 75-80, 2004
A new MRI method for the quantitative evaluation of extraocular muscle size in thyroid ophthalmopathy
K Aydin, K Güven, S Sencer, A Cıkım, N Gül, O Minareci
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Altered metabolic integrity of corpus callosum among individuals at ultra high risk of schizophrenia and first-episode patients
K Aydin, A Ucok, J Guler
Biological Psychiatry 64 (9), 750-757, 2008
Smaller gray matter volumes in frontal and parietal cortices of solvent abusers correlate with cognitive deficits
K Aydin, S Kircan, S Sarwar, O Okur, E Balaban
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Quantification of neurometabolites in subacute sclerosing panencephalitis by 1H-MRS
K Aydin, B Tatli, M Ozkan, K Ciftci, Z Unal, S Sani, M Ozmen, M Caliskan, ...
Neurology 67 (5), 911-913, 2006
Quantitative proton MR spectroscopy findings in the corpus callosum of patients with schizophrenia suggest callosal disconnection
K Aydin, A Ucok, S Cakir
American Journal of Neuroradiology 28 (10), 1968-1974, 2007
Dual stenting using low-profile LEO baby stents for the endovascular management of challenging intracranial aneurysms
I Akmangit, K Aydin, S Sencer, OM Topcuoglu, ED Topcuoglu, ...
American Journal of Neuroradiology 36 (2), 323-329, 2015
Proton MR spectroscopy in three children with Tay-Sachs disease
K Aydin, B Bakir, B Tatli, E Terzibasioglu, M Ozmen
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Jacobson's nerve schwannoma presenting as middle ear mass
K Aydin, MM Maya, WWM Lo, DE Brackmann, B Kesser
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Stent-assisted coiling of wide-neck intracranial aneurysms using low-profile LEO baby stents: initial and midterm results
K Aydin, A Arat, S Sencer, M Barburoglu, S Men
American Journal of Neuroradiology, 2015
Single-voxel MR spectroscopy and diffusion-weighted MRI in two patients with l-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria
K Aydin, M Ozmen, B Tatli, S Sencer
Pediatric radiology 33 (12), 872-876, 2003
Bilateral vocal cord paralysis caused by cervical spinal osteophytes
K Aydin, T Ulug, T Simsek
The British journal of radiology 75 (900), 990-993, 2002
Predictive value of C-reactive protein in patients with unstable angina pectoris undergoing coronary artery stent implantation
I Karaca, K Aydin, M Yavuzkir, E Ilkay, M Akbulut, A Isik, N Arslan
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Pulmonary involvement in adult Gaucher's disease: high resolution CT appearance.
K Aydin, N Karabulut, F Demirkazik, A Arat
The British journal of radiology 70 (829), 93-95, 1997
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