Hongbo Si
Hongbo Si
Samsung Research America
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Mobility prediction in cellular network using hidden markov model
H Si, Y Wang, J Yuan, X Shan
2010 7th IEEE consumer communications and networking conference, 1-5, 2010
Exploring space–time structure of human mobility in urban space
JB Sun, J Yuan, Y Wang, HB Si, XM Shan
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 390 (5), 929-942, 2011
Method and apparatus for adaptive control of contention window in LAA
H Si, BL Ng, Y Li, A Papasakellariou, TD Novlan
US Patent 10,742,562, 2020
Polar coding for fading channels: Binary and exponential channel cases
H Si, OO Koyluoglu, S Vishwanath
IEEE Transactions on Communications 62 (8), 2638-2650, 2014
Method and apparatus of broadcast signals and channels for system information transmission
H Si, L Liu, E Onggosanusi, A Papasakellariou
US Patent 10,470,191, 2019
Method and apparatus for channel state information reference signal (CSI-RS)
E Onggosanusi, H Si, TD Novlan, NOH Hoondong, Y Kwak
US Patent 9,991,942, 2018
Method and apparatus for ss block index and timing indication in wireless systems
H Chen, YH Nam, C He, V Chandrasekhar, H Si, BL Ng
US Patent App. 15/970,115, 2018
Method and apparatus for CSI reporting
E Onggosanusi, H Si, Y Nam
US Patent 10,211,964, 2019
A novel and efficient vector quantization based CPRI compression algorithm
H Si, BL Ng, MS Rahman, J Zhang
IEEE Transactions on vehicular technology 66 (8), 7061-7071, 2017
Method and apparatus for downlink and uplink CSI acquisition
E Onggosanusi, H Si, MS Rahman, A Papasakellariou
US Patent 10,484,064, 2019
Method and apparatus for CSI reporting on PUCCH
H Si, E Onggosanusi, A Papasakellariou, MS Rahman
US Patent 10,547,366, 2020
Method and apparatus for synchronization signal design
H Si, Y Nam, E Onggosanusi, Y Gao, L Liu
US Patent 10,389,567, 2019
OFDM signal compression
MS Rahman, BL Ng, GG Xu, J Zhang, H Si
US Patent 9,729,215, 2017
Aggregate Human Mobility Modeling Using Principal Component Analysis.
J Sun, Y Wang, H Si, J Yuan, X Shan
J. Wirel. Mob. Networks Ubiquitous Comput. Dependable Appl. 1 (2/3), 83-95, 2010
Method and apparatus for design of NR-SS burst set
H Si, L Liu, E Onggosanusi, KIM Youngbum, T Kim
US Patent 10,523,354, 2019
Method and apparatus for measurement reference signal and synchronization
E Onggosanusi, KIM Younsun, H Si, MS Rahman
US Patent 10,512,046, 2019
Method and apparatus for NR-DMRS sequence design
H Si, L Liu, E Onggosanusi
US Patent 10,484,153, 2019
Method and apparatus for random access design of NR unlicensed
Y Li, H Si, A Papasakellariou
US Patent 10,893,543, 2021
Enhanced synchronization signals for coverage enhancements of low cost user equipment
H Si, Q Lin, L Liu, A Papasakellariou
US Patent 10,542,505, 2020
Channel access framework for multi-beam operation on the unlicensed spectrum
H Si, BL Ng
US Patent 10,257,860, 2019
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