Michael Kearney
Michael Kearney
Honorary Lecturer, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, The University of Queensland
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Extremum-seeking control of a supercritical carbon-dioxide closed Brayton cycle in a direct-heated solar thermal power plant
R Singh, MP Kearney, C Manzie
Energy 60, 380-387, 2013
Model predictive control of incremental sheet forming for geometric accuracy improvement
H Lu, M Kearney, Y Li, S Liu, WJT Daniel, PA Meehan
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 82 (9-12 …, 2016
Intra-hour direct normal irradiance forecasting through adaptive clear-sky modelling and cloud tracking
V Bone, J Pidgeon, M Kearney, A Veeraragavan
Solar Energy 159, 852-867, 2018
Part accuracy improvement in two point incremental forming with a partial die using a model predictive control algorithm
H Lu, M Kearney, C Wang, S Liu, PA Meehan
Precision Engineering 49, 179-188, 2017
Robust model predictive control of unmanned aerial vehicles using waysets
RC Shekhar, M Kearney, I Shames
Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 38 (10), 1898-1907, 2015
Trajectory design of a rocket–scramjet–rocket multistage launch system
SO Forbes-Spyratos, MP Kearney, MK Smart, IH Jahn
Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 56 (1), 53-67, 2019
Two-directional toolpath correction in single-point incremental forming using model predictive control
H Lu, M Kearney, S Liu, WJT Daniel, PA Meehan
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 91 (1-4), 91-106, 2017
Methodology to develop off-design models of heat exchangers with non-ideal fluids
V Bone, R McNaughton, M Kearney, I Jahn
Applied Thermal Engineering 145, 716-734, 2018
Adaptive control for a hypersonic glider using parameter feedback from system identification
M Creagh, M Kearney, P Beasley
AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, 6230, 2011
MPC-based reference management for automated irrigation channels
M Kearney, M Cantoni
2012 2nd Australian Control Conference, 349-354, 2012
Model predictive control for systems with scheduled load and its application to automated irrigation channels
M Kearney, M Cantoni, PM Dower
2011 International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, 186-191, 2011
Model predictive control for flood mitigation: A Wivenhoe Dam case study
M Kearney, PM Dower, M Cantoni
2011 Australian Control Conference, 290-296, 2011
Flyback of the SPARTAN Scramjet-Powered Launch Vehicle
S Forbes-Spyratos, MK Smart, MP Kearney, IH Jahn
2018 AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 2177, 2018
Technology Selection and Sizing of On-Board Energy Recovery Systems to Reduce Fuel Consumption of Diesel-Electric Mine Haul Trucks
PJ Terblanche, MP Kearney, CS Hearn, PF Knights
Energy Efficiency in the Minerals Industry, 301-333, 2018
Swing trajectory control for large excavators
AW Denman, PR McAree, MP Kearney, AW Reid, KJ Austin
Field and Service Robotics, 401-410, 2010
A model predictive path control algorithm of single-point incremental forming for non-convex shapes
A He, MP Kearney, KJ Weegink, C Wang, S Liu, PA Meehan
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 107 (1), 123-143, 2020
Potential of on-board energy recovery systems to reduce the costs of diesel–electric mine truck haulage
PJ Terblanche, MP Kearney, PF Knights
Mining Technology 127 (4), 195-208, 2018
A cognitive strategy scaffolding approach to facilitating reflection in engineering students
P O'Shea, M Kearney
Journal Australasian Journal of Engineering Education, 2016
Predictive control of wind turbines with storage
R Sharma, R Yan, M Kearney
2013 Australian Control Conference, 177-182, 2013
Fly back booster design for mach 5 scramjet launch
J Chai, M Smart, S Forbes-Spyratos, M Kearney
Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC 15, 10140-10150, 2017
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